Cities Near Lake Erie, Ohio, US
City / Town Name Population County State
Akron 18,578 Erie County NY
Albion 43,827 Erie County PA
Alden 24,482 Erie County NY
Allen Park 29,587 Wayne County MI
Amherst 103,650 Lorain County OH
Andover 13,770 Ashtabula County OH
Angola 10,884 Erie County NY
Ashtabula 142,524 Ashtabula County OH
Ashville 3,961 Chautauqua County NY
Athol Springs Erie County NY
Aurora Cuyahoga County OH
Austinburg 1,764 Ashtabula County OH
Avon 11,433 Lorain County OH
Avon Lake 18,284 Lorain County OH
Azalia Monroe County MI
Basom Erie County NY
Bay Village 32,152 Cuyahoga County OH
Beachwood 313,947 Cuyahoga County OH
Bedford 189,888 Cuyahoga County OH
Belleville 78,152 Wayne County MI
Bellevue Erie County OH
Bemus Point 3,533 Chautauqua County NY
Berea 19,005 Cuyahoga County OH
Berkey 998 Lucas County OH
Berlin Heights 5,492 Erie County OH
Birmingham 105 Erie County OH
Blissfield Monroe County MI
Boston 3,141 Erie County NY
Bowmansville 722 Erie County NY
Brant Erie County NY
Brecksville 27,352 Cuyahoga County OH
Britton Monroe County MI
Broadview Heights 31,908 Cuyahoga County OH
Brocton 3,641 Chautauqua County NY
Brook Park 42,264 Cuyahoga County OH
Buffalo 1,555,783 Erie County NY
Cambridge Springs Erie County PA
Canton 153,296 Wayne County MI
Carleton 20,112 Monroe County MI
Cassadaga 2,183 Chautauqua County NY
Castalia 4,183 Erie County OH
Celoron Chautauqua County NY
Chaffee 1,617 Erie County NY
Chagrin Falls 194,920 Cuyahoga County OH
Chardon Lake County OH
Chautauqua Chautauqua County NY
Cherry Creek 1,262 Chautauqua County NY
Clarence 8,769 Erie County NY
Clarence Center 5,553 Erie County NY
Clay Center 293 Ottawa County OH
Cleveland 2,773,781 Cuyahoga County OH
Clymer 2,577 Chautauqua County NY
Colden 2,062 Erie County NY
Collins 12,210 Erie County NY
Collins Erie County OH
Collins Center Erie County NY
Columbia Station 10,199 Lorain County OH
Conewango Valley Chautauqua County NY
Conneaut 113,379 Ashtabula County OH
Corfu Erie County NY
Corry 23,350 Erie County PA
Cowlesville Erie County NY
Cranesville 1,758 Erie County PA
Crittenden Erie County NY
Curtice 8,924 Ottawa County OH
Curtice Lucas County OH
Dearborn 97,791 Wayne County MI
Dearborn Heights 58,248 Wayne County MI
Depew 79,611 Erie County NY
Derby 6,833 Erie County NY
Detroit 1,063,264 Wayne County MI
Dewittville 1,071 Chautauqua County NY
Dorset 1,494 Ashtabula County OH
Dundee 18,867 Monroe County MI
Dunkirk 48,291 Chautauqua County NY
East Amherst 53,973 Erie County NY
East Aurora 18,248 Erie County NY
East Concord 1,469 Erie County NY
East Springfield 1,477 Erie County PA
Eastlake 176,490 Lake County OH
Ecorse 22,176 Wayne County MI
Eden 8,276 Erie County NY
Edinboro 25,660 Erie County PA
Elgin Erie County PA
Ellington Chautauqua County NY
Elma 8,937 Erie County NY
Elmore 2,930 Ottawa County OH
Elyria 262,228 Lorain County OH
Erie 287,365 Erie County PA
Erie 5,355 Monroe County MI
Euclid 125,211 Cuyahoga County OH
Fairview 7,950 Erie County PA
Falconer 4,019 Chautauqua County NY
Farnham Erie County NY
Findley Lake 289 Chautauqua County NY
Flat Rock 49,173 Wayne County MI
Forestville 3,351 Chautauqua County NY
Fredonia 14,690 Chautauqua County NY
Frewsburg 3,800 Chautauqua County NY
Garden City 29,416 Wayne County MI
Gates Mills 5,766 Cuyahoga County OH
Geneva 31,512 Ashtabula County OH
Geneva Lake County OH
Genoa 4,926 Ottawa County OH
Gerry 1,138 Chautauqua County NY
Getzville 10,027 Erie County NY
Girard 8,529 Erie County PA
Glenwood 785 Erie County NY
Gowanda Erie County NY
Grafton 27,532 Lorain County OH
Grand Island 18,621 Erie County NY
Grand Rapids Lucas County OH
Grand River Lake County OH
Graytown 2,714 Ottawa County OH
Greenhurst Chautauqua County NY
Grosse Ile 21,788 Wayne County MI
Grosse Pointe 297,294 Wayne County MI
Gypsum Ottawa County OH
Hamburg 42,082 Erie County NY
Hamtramck 92,272 Wayne County MI
Harbor View Lucas County OH
Harborcreek 2,632 Erie County PA
Harper Woods 28,826 Wayne County MI
Highland Park 90,520 Wayne County MI
Holland 14,157 Lucas County OH
Holland 4,727 Erie County NY
Huntsburg Ashtabula County OH
Huron 61,360 Erie County OH
Ida 3,338 Monroe County MI
Independence 123,996 Cuyahoga County OH
Inkster 30,115 Wayne County MI
Irving 3,418 Chautauqua County NY
Irving Erie County NY
Isle Saint George Ottawa County OH
Jamestown 85,808 Chautauqua County NY
Jefferson 28,392 Ashtabula County OH
Kelleys Island 367 Erie County OH
Kennedy 2,436 Chautauqua County NY
Kingsville 2,553 Ashtabula County OH
Kinsman Ashtabula County OH
Kipton 64 Lorain County OH
La Salle 3,517 Monroe County MI
Lacarne 74 Ottawa County OH
Lagrange 5,888 Lorain County OH
Lake City 4,136 Erie County PA
Lake View 11,130 Erie County NY
Lakeside Marblehead 12,957 Ottawa County OH
Lakewood 170,130 Cuyahoga County OH
Lakewood 4,623 Chautauqua County NY
Lambertville 8,968 Monroe County MI
Lancaster 28,516 Erie County NY
Lawtons 1,135 Erie County NY
Liberty Center Lucas County OH
Lily Dale Chautauqua County NY
Lincoln Park 39,775 Wayne County MI
Lindsey Ottawa County OH
Litchfield Lorain County OH
Livonia 100,767 Wayne County MI
Lorain 135,628 Lorain County OH
Luna Pier 1,478 Monroe County MI
Madison 76,292 Lake County OH
Madison Ashtabula County OH
Maple Heights 78,321 Cuyahoga County OH
Maple Springs Chautauqua County NY
Marilla 1,111 Erie County NY
Martin 2,340 Ottawa County OH
Martin Lucas County OH
Maumee 24,627 Lucas County OH
Maybee 2,554 Monroe County MI
Mayville 3,875 Chautauqua County NY
Mc Kean 7,974 Erie County PA
Medina Lorain County OH
Melvindale 10,755 Wayne County MI
Mentor 255,132 Lake County OH
Middle Bass Ottawa County OH
Middlefield Ashtabula County OH
Milan 115,443 Monroe County MI
Milan 3,518 Erie County OH
Mill Village 269 Erie County PA
Millbury Ottawa County OH
Monclova 2,389 Lucas County OH
Monroe 105,529 Monroe County MI
Monroeville Erie County OH
Montville Ashtabula County OH
Neapolis 159 Lucas County OH
New Boston 46,752 Wayne County MI
New London Lorain County OH
Newport 10,420 Monroe County MI
Newport Wayne County MI
Niobe Chautauqua County NY
North Boston Erie County NY
North Collins 3,160 Erie County NY
North East 14,161 Erie County PA
North Evans Erie County NY
North Kingsville Ashtabula County OH
North Olmsted 34,081 Cuyahoga County OH
North Ridgeville 44,148 Lorain County OH
North Royalton 86,055 Cuyahoga County OH
North Springfield Erie County PA
Northville 73,118 Wayne County MI
Norwalk Erie County OH
Nova Lorain County OH
Oak Harbor 8,303 Ottawa County OH
Oberlin 35,748 Lorain County OH
Olmsted Falls 54,138 Cuyahoga County OH
Orchard Park 27,762 Erie County NY
Oregon 19,740 Lucas County OH
Orwell 9,038 Ashtabula County OH
Ottawa Lake 4,038 Monroe County MI
Painesville 100,824 Lake County OH
Panama 1,910 Chautauqua County NY
Perry 13,192 Lake County OH
Petersburg 5,814 Monroe County MI
Pierpont 1,469 Ashtabula County OH
Plymouth 39,517 Wayne County MI
Port Clinton 42,099 Ottawa County OH
Portland 1,024 Chautauqua County NY
Put In Bay 763 Ottawa County OH
Redford 170,277 Wayne County MI
Riga Monroe County MI
Ripley 5,472 Chautauqua County NY
River Rouge 20,120 Wayne County MI
Riverview Wayne County MI
Rock Creek 6,866 Ashtabula County OH
Rockwood 41,524 Wayne County MI
Rocky Ridge 386 Ottawa County OH
Rocky River 42,244 Cuyahoga County OH
Rome 11,772 Ashtabula County OH
Romulus 89,811 Wayne County MI
Samaria Monroe County MI
Sandusky 130,524 Erie County OH
Sardinia 16 Erie County NY
Sheffield Lake 48,208 Lorain County OH
Sheridan Chautauqua County NY
Sherman 2,149 Chautauqua County NY
Silver Creek 5,429 Chautauqua County NY
Sinclairville 2,932 Chautauqua County NY
Solon 66,693 Cuyahoga County OH
South Dayton Chautauqua County NY
South Rockwood 2,819 Monroe County MI
South Wales 2,031 Erie County NY
Southgate 30,136 Wayne County MI
Spartansburg Erie County PA
Spencer Lorain County OH
Spring Brook Erie County NY
Springboro Erie County PA
Springville 7,858 Erie County NY
Stockton 1,012 Chautauqua County NY
Stow Chautauqua County NY
Strongsville 87,716 Cuyahoga County OH
Strykersville Erie County NY
Sullivan Lorain County OH
Swanton Lucas County OH
Sylvania 28,263 Lucas County OH
Taylor 65,868 Wayne County MI
Temperance 20,824 Monroe County MI
Thompson Ashtabula County OH
Thompson Lake County OH
Toledo 536,932 Lucas County OH
Tonawanda 44,535 Erie County NY
Trenton 163,564 Wayne County MI
Union City 16,782 Erie County PA
Unionville Ashtabula County OH
Valley City Lorain County OH
Van Buren Point Chautauqua County NY
Vermilion 64,664 Erie County OH
Vermilion Lorain County OH
Vickery Erie County OH
Wakeman Erie County OH
Wakeman Lorain County OH
Wales Center Erie County NY
Waterford 9,055 Erie County PA
Waterville 6,720 Lucas County OH
Wattsburg 9,144 Erie County PA
Wayne 57,363 Wayne County MI
Wellington 22,336 Lorain County OH
West Falls 2,633 Erie County NY
West Springfield 2,946 Erie County PA
Westfield 5,487 Chautauqua County NY
Westlake 63,944 Cuyahoga County OH
Westland 86,998 Wayne County MI
Whitehouse 5,370 Lucas County OH
Wickliffe 53,247 Lake County OH
Williamsfield 3,050 Ashtabula County OH
Williston 211 Ottawa County OH
Willoughby 241,367 Lake County OH
Windsor 3,294 Ashtabula County OH
Woodville Ottawa County OH
Wyandotte 89,788 Wayne County MI

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